PYLUSD School Board Policy states that in order for a student to participate in any non-curricular activity, the student shall maintain a grade point average of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0. If at the end of a grading period a student has not maintained a 2.0 grade point average, he/she will be placed on probation for one grading period. Semester grades earned during board approved summer school classe(s) are to be utilized for computing grade point averages to determine fall eligibility.

Students who do not achieve a 2.0 grade point average at the conclusion of the probationary period (which will be the next grading period) will be deemed ineligible for participation in the co-curricular program and will remain ineligible until a 2.0 grade point average is attained at the end of the next grading period.

In addition CIF SECTION 205 requires that a) the student is currently enrolled in at least 20 semester credits of work: b) the student was passing in the equivalent of at least 20 semester credits of work at the completion of the most recent grading period; c) the student has maintained during the previous grading period a minimum of 2.0 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale, in all enrolled courses; d) only one physical education class may be counted toward determing of scholastic eligibility each grading period. (Section 206.1)


Students are only allowed eight semester of consecutive attendance for CIF eligibility. Students who spend more than eight semesters in high school exhaust their eligibility.


Students may not participate with an outside team during the time in which their sport is in season, and until the VHS season ends. Individual who violate this rule will become ineligible immediately and the school forfeits contests. In addition, athletes who are competing on a school team and are in-season may compete on a team in a different sport outside the school's jurisdiction during that season, but only with the permission of the Head Varsity Coach.


If an athlete quits a sport, he/she will not be allowed to tryout or practice for the next sport until the season of the first sport is over. The ramifications of quitting a sport may include a schedule change, and/or the removal from 6th period athletes. Students who have not met their P.E. requirements may be placed into a regular P.E. class or into "0" period P.E. These actions will remain in place until the season of sport in question is completed.


Students who change schools without a bona fide change of residence, will face restricted eligibility at their new school. They would be allowed to play varsity at their new school in any sport in which they did not compete at their prior school.


The Varsity Head Coach has the authority to revoke the privileges of participation if and when an athlete does not comply with the team and/or school rules or when he/she is involved in activities, which reflect negatively upon the team or Valencia High School. Any athlete removed from a team for disciplinary reasons will be moved into a regular P.E. or "0" period P.E. Also any athlete removed from the athletic program will not be eligible for a letter-award or other honors in that sport.


All athletic awards are presented by the Associated Student Body upon the recommendation of the coach and athletic director. For an athlete to be eligible for such a recommendation, he/she must:
     1. Have finished the season in good standing, including CIF playoffs.
     2. Meet the individual sports criteria for lettering.


Any equipment issued to the athlete becomes his'her responsibility. Any abuse or loss of this property will result in the athlete being billed for it. School uniforms (that which are purchased by the school) are not to be worn out in the community.